Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge

Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge

Tiktok Ads $0 - $10k in 30 Days Challenge-GenZ Academy
Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge


Here’s How To Profit Widley As An Affiliate On A Micro Budget With What Jani Calls ‘Rapid Profit TikTok Ads

This Is A One-Time 70% Discount That Cuts $997 to $297!
This is Only Valid Till Sunday Midnight PST




 TikTok Ads Is Blowing Up & Right Now is The Absolute Best Time To…


 🤑 Start Milking TikTok Ads For Easy Cash  🤑


…Just Like Jani’s Been Doing Along With A Handful Of Students He’s Already Taught This System To.

👇 Scroll down to see some Current amazing Student results…!👇

Student Hits $126k In ONE Week!


Another One Hits $5k PER DAY FAST

Screenshot 2023 06 01 at 12.47.31 PM

Carina just sent me a message of her $44k THIS WEEK

unnamed 1


That’s $44,020 This week so far, and as you can see she’s been scaling up her Income EVERY WEEK To a total of…

$145,282 in the past 4 Weeks!

Check Out This Zoom Video Where Jay Talks About Making $400 Profit On DAY 1, $450 On Day 2!

👇 New Student Hits $20k Weeks in his first 2 weeks across 2 Clickbank Accounts Using Our TikTok Ads Affiliate Method 👇

indv 1 1
indv 2 1
Below Is The Message He Sent Me On Facebook Messenger… 💬

Vivian Made $215 on her SECOND DAY With ONE TikTok Video

vivian indv 1 1

Jason got to $846 On Day 2 with Just $90 Ad Spend

indv 3 jay cb 1 1

(Me and Jay on a Zoom Call)

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 10.15.38 AM

And Another Student Spent $100 on TikTok Ads And Made $475 On Day 3

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 10.21.50 AM

And Then This Total TikTok Ads NEWBIE, Was Able To Get $3,200 in Commissions The Second Day

unnamed 19

 💰 I’ve Been Able To Make As Much As $329,825 Per Month With TikTok Ads And Affiliate Offers… 💰

unnamed 21

As Much As $41,531 Per Day!

unnamed 22

And Another $373,191 Month…

unnamed 2

Not To Mention Paid On Action Commissions For Generating Leads For Different Services Via My Affiliate Link On TikTok Ads


Here’s My Affiliate Manager Telling Me I’ve Got $144,162 For The Week, In Commissions

unnamed 23

$144,162 For The Week!

unnamed 24

…And NOW I’m ready To Share This With a Handful of People, After previously ONLY Teaching This At 2 Private Workshops and a Small Beta Test Group, who paid thousands to learn

But YOU Won’t Have To
Screenshot 2023 05 07 at 5.27.23 AM
unnamed 4

Attendees paid thousands to travel to watch me teach this at 2 separate Live workshops At Affiliate World, but you won’t have to… because I got you a Special One-Time Offer!!

Hey, Its me Jani along with Ricky Mataka, 
I put together this special page for friends and subscribers of Ricky only, to let you in on a little secret.

TikTok Ads Is The New Goldrush…

And after teaching this TikTok Ads Affiliate system to those lucky enough to attend 2 separate workshops I recently gave just before the Affiliate World conference recently in Dubai…
I’ve literally dropped everything else to focus on teaching this to ensure you get the results you’ve always wanted…
I stopped doing Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads and  Youtube Ads which I was making good money with.
TikTok Ads Are In Whats Known As ‘The Goldrush’ Stage Of A Traffic Platform…
And i’ve been using TikTok Ads combined with a specific Sequence that has to be used correctly, to promote 2 types of Affiliate offers:
contact form

Paid On Action

Get Paid Just For People Filling Out a Form

Clickbank Affiliate

High Converting ‘VSL’ offers
Both work amazingly well on TikTok IF you know how to do it correctly.
Paid On Action is an affiliate model that most people have no clue about, but it allows us to partner with big companies, to get paid $10 – $45 each time someone fills out a form, and no one has to buy anything for us to get paid

Then we have Clickbank, which i’m sure you’ve heard of before where we can promote a mass market type of offer and get a commision
We’ve seen amazing results with 2 Clickbank offers in 2 totally weird Niches that have made more than $400k since April. Check this out…

Upto $41,531 Per Day in Clickbank Commissions Using TikTok Ads

unnamed 5

Upto $28,079 PER DAY


As Much As $144,824 PER WEEK With Tik Tok Ads 

unnamed 6

Here shows the total made so far at the time of writing this, which is a total of…

unnamed 7

$402,710 In Affiliate commissions 


You see, after I silently raked in close to $100k in my first 2 months testing this TikTok Ads Affiliate method ‘On the Side’ , and then ramped it up to a total of over $903k currently promoting the 2 types of Affiliate offers I mentioned above…

1 – Paid On Action 

2 – Clickbank


🤞 I thought it was just plain old ‘beginner’s luck’ 🤞

But then, I started sharing this repeatable Rapid Profit Tiktok Ads Affiliate Method to a small number of Individuals after I shared my initial results in one of my FB Groups.

I Then helped a couple of people one on one, and also by holding a one day In Person event here in London to share the exact system with 5 people who were willing to pay me more than $5k each to learn directly from me, after they saw the recordings of the initial workshop I did in Dubai.

To cut a long story short…

Beginners Who Learned This From Me, started REAPING profits that they’ve never seen before, helping some quit their day jobs and do this full time…

unnamed 12

Check it out:

Dam sent me this message telling me he resigned from his job on Monday because he was able to earn more than his full time income with this system…👇
Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 9.46.38 AM
Pudas From India Spent $60 To Make Back $340 in his second Day…
Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 9.52.04 AM

Pranav from India has currently Made over $56k With TikTok Ads And Paid On Action 👇


Brett just Hit His First $1,000 Day Using TikTok Ads As You Can See From This WhatsApp Message He Sent Me Below:

unnamed 1

Ash From Malaysia Got To Her First $1,000 Day

…After Just 5 Days!!!
unnamed 10

And It Wasn’t Until My Small Group Of Beginner Students Showed Me These Results Recently , That i Realized…

This Could Work For Just About Anyone As Long As They Follow The System & Process

…Right Now TikTok Ads Is Where Facebook Ads Were Back in The 2011 FB Goldrush…And The Affiliates Who Jumped On Board Facebook Ads Back In 2011, Made Millions, Including Me!

Why Does That Matter?

Because I’ve been there with Facebook Ads back in 2011 when me and a group of other Affiliates were literally turning PENNIES INTO THOUSANDS Of Dollars Every Day Over And Over…

That is why I know how powerful this is. 
And Now…History Is Repeating Itself, With A New Traffic Platform, TikTok Ads…
unnamed 11

This Time, Its Bigger…

Its Faster
There’s Even More Traffic
Its Even Cheaper…
There are not many Advertisers
What does this mean?
Cheap traffic, targeted traffic and a HUGE Opportunity
IF you know how do run TikTok Ads the RIGHT WAY.
TikTok Ads are a totally different Traffic and Ad platform than any other and you can’t run ads the way you’d run ads on FB or any other traffic platform.
Well, I’ve figured out how to Use Low Risk Low Cost TikTok Ads, the right way, to Turn Penny Clicks Into Thousands In Commissions Daily, Using A Unique Method I’ve Not Seen Anyone Else doing…
And With that said, i’d like to invite you to join me so we can make money together from Tiktok Ads And Milk It For What Its Worth….
Here’s A Quick Recap of What We’re Doing
The brand new 30 Day Live Daily Case Study and Challenge has already started!
People Are Going NUTS asking can we have the discount they missed
So You NEED To Get In Now Not To Miss Out

The Goal In 30 Days is To Go From Zero To $10,000 Using Tiktok Ads Combined With Paid On Action and Clickbank 

You can choose what you want to promote…
This is something myself and a small group of my inner circle students from my previous coaching group have been doing since the beginning of this year to rake in ridiculous amounts of affiliate commissions with.
And it’s not by doing regular affiliate marketing or needing to sell anything in order for you to make money with Paid On Action
In fact, even some of the well known gurus don’t even know that this way of making money even exists.
Here’s How How This Method And System For Making Serious Cash With TikTok Works…

There are 2 parts to making this system very profitable

First – We’ll begin making money by doing something called Paid On Action as its the easiest to make money with as no one has to buy anything
You can choose to promote clickbank offers if you wish, but I recommend starting with Paid On Action as you don’t need a large budget to start seeing good profits
Q: What Is Paid On Action?

Basically, it’s where we promote a mass market offer which most people in the world already need.

And we get paid each time someone takes an ‘action’
This action would be filling out a simple form.
As soon as the person fills out the form and hits on the submit button, YOU GET PAID
You Get Paid Between $10 – $50 Each Time Someone Fills Out A Form, And They Don’t Need To Buy Anything!

You see, big companies are willing to pay people like You and Me, to send them targeted leads and they don’t have any limits to how much they can pay you.

And We’re going to Be Getting 10’s, 100’s, even Thousands of these $10 – $50 commissions all day long by combining This with one of the most profitable, and newest traffic sources
I’ve partnered with the companies I’ve been working with to offer my students exclusive access to these Paid On Action offers, which usually you’d not get approved for if you went and applied on your own

We’ll Be Using TikTok Ads To Get Low Risk, Low Cost, Targeted Traffic, And Turn Penny Clicks Into Thousands Of Dollars, Over And Over


Tiktok Ads is a goldmine traffic source that’s still in its infancy, which is already making regular people extremely rich in a short amount of time.

And I’ve figured out the formula for making Tiktok Ads Extremely profitable, which i’m going to be showing you how to do yourself, Live , Over The Next 30 Days Together
And The Reason Behind Why This system Works So Well, Is Because Of A Specific Sequence I’ve Been Testing And Perfecting Which I Call, 
The MBRPTA Sequence

“Micro Budget, Rapid Profit, TikTok Ad Sequence”

Which is The Driving Force Behind Why This Method and System Works So Well

And it allows us to use Tiktok Ads , To Get Low Risk, Low Cost Traffic, And Turn Penny Clicks Into Thousands of Dollars In a Short Period Of Time.
So with that said, With Your Permission, i’d like To Invite You To Join Our First Beta Test Group! This is already so much FUN!
343598707 204022545739786 4083562026458057769 n
mock 1


💰 The $0 – $10k in 30 Days With Tiktok Ads Challenge And Case Study 💰
unnamed 3

Isn’t that a cool looking eCover? My designer did a great job haha 

I paid him more than $400 for the set of graphics he made me!
And I’ve put this into a step by step video course with a Live Daily Case Study included , within what I Call Rapid Profit TikTok Ads.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside ‘Rapid Profit TikTok Ads’…



This is the Main training which is broken down into 5 Core Modules:


Module #1

  • ​3 Big Keys to Tiktok Ad Profits 
  • ​Quick Ad account set up
  • Everything you need to know about Tiktok Ads 


Module #2

  • Affiliate Offers That work well on Tiktok Ads
  • ​The MBRPA Winning Sequence


Module #3

  • High Converting Tiktok Ad Creative Formula
  • 11 Tiktok Ad Templates  
  • ​44 Tiktok Ad Hooks to swipe 
  • Power Play 6 Tiktok Ad Template


Module #4

  • ​Micro Budget Tiktok ad Rapid testing strategy 
  • 5 Power Profit Plays 


Module #5

  • Scaling to $1K PER DAY consistently 
  • Scaling from $1k to $10k per day and beyond
  • ​Automating your campaigns for an effortless daily income 
💸  $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge  💸
We’re going to use what we learn in the Superclass, to set up a BRAND NEW ‘Paid On Action’ or Clickbank Campaign , and you’ll get to 

Together we’ll launch a profitable TikTok Ads Affiliate Campaign Using my Tiktok ‘MBRPA’ Sequence .
Now When I initially put this program together…
I decided that as much as i’d love to give this away for free, I want to make sure only ACTION TAKERS Get access to this today.
So i decided I would put a $997 price tag on this to weed out those who would maybe buy this and then try to sell it to others for cheaper or something!
But then I realized $997 may be a little too steep for most people
So i decided to cut that price in half and offer this for not $997, but for JUST $497
But Then I had a better idea!!
I have been working on a members platform for people who want to learn how to turn Paid Ads into huge profits as an Affiliate…
So What I’d like to do is…
I’d Like To Offer You Access To the Rapid Profit TikTok Ads Program For FREE!…

…Simply By Becoming A Founding Member Of a Brand New Exclusive Insider Membership Platform I’ve just launched, Called:

unnamed 26

  Press Play to watch an Overview Video Of How The Rapid Profit TikTok Ads System Works

Here’s Everything I Get By Acting Today and Claiming My Aff Labs All Access Pass


Rapid Profit TikTok Ads

$497 Usually, Your’s FREE!

The Full Course on how to use TikTok Ads To Promote Affiliate Offers that turn penny clicks into thousands!

1 1
$0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge

$497 Usually, Your’s FREE!

Together we’ll launch a profitable TikTok ‘paid on action campaign’ Using Jani’s Tiktok ‘MBRPA’ Sequence



Live Daily Case Study $0 – $10k

Free With Afflabs All Access

You’ll Get The Rights To Use The Exact Same Campaigns Which You Watch Us Make Money With Live

unnamed 3 1

Ready Made Plug N Play Campaigns From  The Live Case Study

Free With Afflabs All Access

Look over the shoulder of a 7 Figure Power Affiliate As we make money Live with TikTok Ads And Paid On Action!

rapid profit
Daily Action Plan & Resources 

Free With Afflabs All Access

Get the summary of the days action plan in a PDF with precise action steps, as well as all resources we use daily

rapid profit
Live 2x Weekly Q&A

Free With Afflabs All Access

Ask Jani anything and get Live help with your own Tiktok Ads Affiliate campaign, on our Live Daily Q&A

rapid profit

One Year All Access Pass To AffLabs!

Regular Price $997 Per Yea – 70% Off Today

Our new premium members only platform where we share the cutting edge, insider 7 figure affiliate secrets, tips , tricks, monthly trainings and Case Studies, brought to you by real 7 figure affiliates who live the real affiliate lifestyle and are actually in the trenches doing it!. You get one year of full access as part of this special offe

345871368 787192169698069 6849251037175953256 n

A New Profitable Case Study And Challenge Every Month For A Full Year!

Every month we start a new case study and challenge, where we use our own money to launch test, profit and scale a paid ad affiliate campaign on a specific traffic source live, so you can copy what we do and shortcut your way to profits by only using what works!

rapid profit

Monthly Ready Made Plug N Play Profitable Campaigns Every Month

Plug in, play and profit from our proven ready made campaigns that are already making money. We do all the work, and just hand you the money making information / campaigns to run. These are the campaigns you watch us make money from in our monthly live case study and challenge. So unlike fake gurus who claim they provide you with done for you campaigns, we actually let you watch us make money with them first, then give you exclusive access to only what makes money.

rapid profit

Live ‘Closed Door’ Workshops Every Month 

Every month we hold a closed door secret workshop for our members only where we expose exactly what we’re doing to make huge amounts of money as an affiliate, and share the exact strategies with you. You’ll get to watch our monthly workshop LIVE plus keep the recordings AND access our library of all previous Workshops! 

rapid profit

Daily And Weekly Guidance To Help You Succeed Fast!

Get personal coaching every day for 30 days to ensure you get results and then 2x per week for a whole year.

rapid profit

Fly On The Wall Interviews 

Exclusive interviews with current affiliates every month who are making serious money online, where they reveal everything. You get to be a fly on the wall as we grill a different affiliate every month to share what they’re currently doing to kill it online. You get to hear top of the food chain knowledge every month, right from the source!

rapid profit

Your REAL Inside Advantage

With everything you gain access to with AffLabs ALL ACCESS, you’ll have a true Insider’s Advantage so you can finally achieve the success you’ve dreamed of as an affiliate.

rapid profit
Fast Action Bonus: 
Amazing Youtube Live

This is where you will watch Jani G Live Over The Shoulder Helping Ricky Kick Off His TikTok Ads! This will be so much fun and will help you get started!


This will be the first 30 day challenge as we kick off our Beta tester program within Afflabs…

And then every month after that, we’ll be doing a new Case study and challenge to make sure you are always on top of whats working now, to give you the best chance of success with paid ads as an Affiliate
And currently there are 2 ways you can access the
🤑 $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge and Case Study 🤑 
Option 1
Join The $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge On Its Own For $497
Or Get 100% FREE Access to the Challenge by activating your 12 month access to AffLabs ALL ACCESS and get all the other trainings and support offered with Afflabs
Option 2
Become a founding member of Afflabs ALL ACCESS Special 70% Off Discount @ $297!! (Through This Page Only)
And Get free access to the $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge PLUS Every other 30 day challenge and case study after the 30 days!

Afflabs ALL ACCESS will be $97 Per Month when we officially launch and currently, you can only subscribe to a 12 month plan which costs $997 per year.

However Today I’d Like To Offer You Not Only FREE Access To The First Ever


But Also A Huge 70% Discount On Afflabs ALL ACCESS As A Founding Member!

 Yes JaniI Am Ready And I Want To Go From $0 – $10k in 30 Days With TikTok Ads and ‘Paid On Action’ By Taking Part In The NEW ‘Rapid Profit TikTok Ads’ LIVE 30 Day Challenge AND Case Study As A Beta Tester For FREE, Simply By Activating My Afflabs All Access Membership

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Screen Shot 2023 01 16 at 3.19.19 PM
Screen Shot 2018 12 13 at 3.51.02 PM
webby comment 10k proof

🔥 Rapid Profit TikTok Ads 🔥

Every day people like you are making a full time living online. Since the pandemic of 2020 we have experienced a massive shift in online growth.

I’ve been online marketing for over 20+ years now, and there has NEVER in my opinion been a BETTER time to start an online business for yourself and family! 

Let me give you a PROVEN system & business model that actually works with Jani along with the absolute training to follow through, so I can help get you started in the right direction! There is a new life waiting for you on the other side of these walls you’ve been trapped in for so long…
circle ricky
RickyMataka Sig

Multi 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur.
Over $40M Of Digital Online Products Sold


This was not suppose to be taught to many….

But I got you Special Access & 70% OFF Discount $297 Price Tag Will Expire In…


Screen Shot 2022 08 17 at 3.06.38 PM
I Took The Risk Of Massive Action
 I Then Mastered The Game and Now Its YOUR Turn!
ricky s circle
Screen Shot 2022 07 19 at 12.47.07 PM 1
Screen Shot 2021 06 03 at 12.57.04 PM copy
And here’s a sneak peak at what Aff Labs All Access looks like once you now decide to get access to the Inside:
345871368 787192169698069 6849251037175953256 n

We’re a real company here at Afflabs and we created Afflabs with one goal in mind, to make you a successful affiliate by giving you whats working now, every month , by sharing what we are doing, taught and delivered to you by real 6 and 7 figure affiliates.

Here’s a recap of everything I’m Getting Today When I Say YES AND TAKE ACTION NOW
  • ​ Rapid Profit TikTok Ads! –  $497 Value
  • ​ $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge – $497 Value
  • ​ Ready Made Plug n Play Campaigns – $297 per month Value
  • ​Lifetime Access To Aff Labs All Access
  • ​ 2x Weekly Live Q&A – $997/year Value
  • ​ Fast Action Bonus: Watch REPLAY as Jani G walks Ricky through a complete TikTok Ads Setup from Zero To Hero!

Get INSTANT ACCESS To Everything RISK-FREE For Only 

$997 Just $497! – TYPE IN CODE: 70%RICKY
Screen Shot 2019 11 05 at 8.09.22 PM
WARNING: As we’re only accepting a limited number of founding students into AffLabs for this huge 70% discount and offering limited FREE access to the Rapid Profit TikTok Ads Course and The 30 day challenge, The 70% discount will only be available for the next few days where the price will go back up to the regular price of $997 for 12 months full access to Afflabs All Access, on Sunday.
The $0 – $10k In 30 Days Has Already Started, But We Have Been Requested So Many Times
To Get Into The Program At Beta Pricing! So We Did Just That But Only Till Sunday Midnight PST
You will receive access instructions once you claim your discount below
Warning: This special will go back up to $997 on Sunday July 9th Midnight!
So If I were you, i’d get in now at the lowest discounted price before its too late
Claim Your Free Access To Rapid Profit TikTok Ads and Your Spot On The $0 – $10k In 30 Days With Tiktok Ads Challenge Now, Simply By Activating Your Afflabs ALL ACCESS Membership For A Huge 70% Discount Simply By Clicking The Nice Looking Button Below For $997 Just $297 Today


We decide to let you have LIFETIME Access For This One time Special Low Price
mock 1
Again TYPE IN Code 70%RICKY Will Be Deactivated Sunday Midnight PST!!
(If you get to the order form and the code does not work, Then we are sorry you can still get in but will cost you $997 however please send Us a message and We’ll send you the Discount Access Link If We Still Have Spots Available
Hurry – $297 Enrollment Price Will Go up To $997 On Midnight July 9th
Thanks for reading and I look forward to personally helping you get rich from TikTok Ads, and maybe even meeting you in person one day so we can celebrate together…
Seriously though, Don’t Miss The Boat On TikTok Ads and This Rare Time in History…
I missed the boat on Youtube ads a couple years ago , right now TikTok IS where the money is, and a LOT of it.
And I hope you don’t look back at this moment in a couple of months from now and wish you jumped on board while Tiktok Ads were still hot. 
BUT You still have time By clicking this link here 
Your friends, Ricky Mataka and Jani G 
P.S – here’s a funny pic of me in the AffLabs HQ where we’ll be filming all our content , I wore a smart shirt because I thought I looked cool, but I clearly didnt! Lol 
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